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5.2 live - release notes?


5.2 is now live in our cloud solution - where can I find the overview about this release ? What has changed, what is to be excited about ?


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! The official release will be made available next week and this also includes our release blog posting and release notes. In addition to many smaller things we added/changed, the two major new features are case templates (a new Template field for cases) which allow you to use different field layouts on a per case basis, as well as great support for drag & drop for attachments & screenshots and copy & paste for images (some browsers). The blog posting next week will explain everything in detail :slight_smile:



The Template field now shows up in the list of fields at the top of all my test cases but only in edit mode. Will there be a way to hide that field if I don’t want/need to use it even though it’s required?


Hello Rich,

Thanks for your feedback! The Template field is only shown on the add and edit pages in order to keep the view pages clean (and backwards compatible with older versions). We thought about hiding the Template field on the add/edit pages if you only have one/the default template, but this would have made the entire feature more difficult to discover and decided against it. The new feature allows for some really cool use cases (such as different field layouts for text-based, separated steps and exploratory sessions, for example) and the blog posting will explain in detail how to use this field.