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48 hours activity reports show only last 24hrs data


I have an activity report scheduled every morning at 8:00AM that should include the last 48hrs activity for a given Test Suite.

When I look at the data, I would expect the 1st day of the data to be what the previous report reported as its 2nd day. Instead, it looks like the 1st day is always starting a 0 values.

For instance, this is the report I receive YESTERDAY:

And this is what I received TODAY:

The report is set :

  • with 1 test suite
  • For all test run, maximum of 25
  • Based on Activity
  • For all status, over 48hrs :
  • No filter set on test

Shouldn’t the first day data be something else than 0 in such report?




OK. I found the answer to my problem.

The problem was that I set the report to include data from all Test Run, maximum 25. I thought the first 25 test run that received some activities during the last 48hrs will be used to generate the report and the behavior is to include only the 25 most recent test run…

We have created several test run recently inside of some test plans for some activities to take places in the next 2 weeks, but are currently executing test run created a little while ago. This kind of report might be affected by early planning test run creation.


Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you found the issue already. Yes, the run selection would be independent of the activity and TestRail would use the first 25 runs of the configured scope by default. You can either disable the limit or configure a custom run selection (based on filters or by handpicking the runs).



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the follow-up.

I would like to propose a little request, or maybe just a vote if you already have it in your backlog. Most of the report that I generate with TestRail are for deletion after reading it. I would like to have a “delete Report” button appearing on the top of the report page, that would make it easier to delete it rather than going to the whole list of available reports. I normally reach my reports from the email link I receive, so going to the list of report is an extra step.




Hello Pierre,

Thanks for your feedback. You wouldn’t usually need to delete the reports as the overview page would only show the latest few reports and everything else would disappear pretty quickly due to pagination. If you don’t want to share the reports with the rest of your team, you can also create private/non-public reports and the rest of your team is not able to view your private reports. That said, we are happy to add this to our feature request list and will review this for a future version, thanks again!