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429 - To many requestion- > Question how many requests before this procs?



As the title indicates The “429 - To many requests” exception, occurd, we have done the “Retry after header” and it seems that the timeout last 60 second.

How many request can we send in before the 429 exception procs?

The exception occurd while running about 79 unit test in C# code, and half way in we get the exception. And we cant figure out how to move around this issue without knowing the answer to the above.

A valid solution is not to just create a sleep function, since we are gonna run alot of projects containing alot of test cases, simultaneously contacting your API, and sleep would result in alot of wait time.

Atm we are trying to work out if we can contact your API in bulks, and thereby avoiding the exception.

Kind regards


Hello Ronni,

Thanks for your posting! A 429 can occur if you are submitting too many API requests in a short period of time. The number of allowed API requests per second/minute depends on the type of the API request and various other factors. For example, we allow more read-only requests than write requests so it’s difficult to give exact numbers when you would see a 429.

We recommend using the bulk API methods add_results and add_results_for_cases to submit multiple test results in a single step (or in chunks) and this is also much faster to add test results:



Thanks for the quick reply, we will look in to your solution.


You are welcome, Ronni, and please let me know in case any questions come up!



@tgurock - we dont want to wait for seconds to update it. we are planning to add more test rails users and will update the status.

we wanted to know. are we handling limit requests based on ’ test rails users’ or for an ‘Account’?


Hi Rock - see my response here: Getting successive 429 error codes since friday.