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409 Maintennace error is always thrown

Hi Team,

I often getting this message “TestRail API returned HTTP 409(“This TestRail instance is currently in maintenance mode, please try the request again in a few minutes”)”

We run our test suite, between 5:AM to 11:AM. Often get this error

Is there something wrong.

Harshitha M

I assume the you are on the cloud version of TR and it is likely they are taking a DB backup then.

when will this be resolved, when can we expect the fix for this.

Have you sent in a support ticket? I am not with the company and don’t know that they can change the times for the backups.

how do i create a support ticket. Can u please guide me on that

Go to the above webpage and then click on the Contact Support button.

Thanks, Created a support ticket for the same:)