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401 error. Unauthorized User in Jira


So our setup is Jira in house and Testrail none LDAP/AD authentication.
Users that are not in TestRail are getting a 401 Unauthorized user when viewing a task in Jira…
Is there a way they show maybe a login page versus the terrible 401 error?



Hello Julian,

Thanks for your posting! I assume you see this in JIRA when you view an issue, is this correct? TestRail actually returns a much better page in case a user is not logged in to TestRail (e.g. a simple login button or empty page). The problem is that some web servers such as IIS may override this behavior under certain circumstances and you will then see an ugly error page in JIRA instead. We are already looking into this behavior and hope to address this shortly.

I should be able to provide an update soon, thanks again!



thank you so much for the quick reply.
That is correct the error msg is in Jira. We only have a hand full of users that are in Jira and not in Testrail. (because of license limitations) Is there a way we can create them accounts in test rail as guest users and not use up a license? Also maybe you can help me with a quote on additional licensing.

Thanks a bunch Tobias



Hello Julian,

Thanks for the additional details. We are currently working on this and the upcoming update will show a regular login button/empty page in every case (and not the IIS error page). The update will be available later this week.

Regarding the licenses: sure, I’m happy to explain how this works. Each person who accesses TestRail (either directly or inside JIRA) needs a regular license and this is independent of the user role or permissions. In our experience teams benefit a lot from giving their developers or management team direct access to TestRail as well (and not just testers) so they can also contribute to test cases, view test results and view/run reports (inside JIRA or directly in TestRail). We are happy to provide a quote for additional licenses and we will contact you via email.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply!