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3 pane view - version 5.1


Hello Gurock,

I was watching the video on the new 3 pane FastTrack functionality as we just upgraded to 5.1 in our production environment. In the video we see that in the 3 pane view (on the Test Runs/results tab) that as soon as the first test is opened in the 3 pane view - no matter how you move to the next test, it is always opened in the 3 pane view as well.

When I try it - I have to click on the > (the very right of the title), of any of the tests or else the case fully opens. So clicking on the title to load the next case is a no go - can’t see another toggle to set this per project…

Any ideas on why?



Hello Brian,

You can simply click on the row instead of the title to load another test/case (so everywhere except the title link or the edit/delete icons). Even more convenient are the j/k shortcuts to navigate to the next/previous test/case in the list. This also fully supports groups/sections, so it’s very easy to step through the entire run/suite via j/k:

I hope this helps!