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3 Feature Requests: Default Milestones; Suites; Import Test Runs

  1. When creating Milestones there should be a way set one milestone to the “default” milestone. Then entering Test Plans and Test Runs it would be select the “default” milestone automatically.

  2. When entering Test runs in a project where there is only one Test Suite it should not ask you to select the Test Suite, since there is only one Test Suite to choose from. It should skip that and select the single Test Suite by default.

  3. You should be able to Import Test Runs. Give it a Test Run Name, Milestone, Description, Assigned Name and Test Suite(s). The same XML syntax like importing Cases works really well. This would be a huge time saver.

Thank you


Hello David,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback. I’ve added your feature requests to our list. Could you let me know the use case for importing test results via XML? If this is for test automation, have you already looked into using the API for this?



Hello Tobias,

+1 on importing test runs.

I extensively use configurations to generate the combinatorics for different setups of related tests. Eg. “USB”, “RS232”, “Ethernet” to test the same features over different interfaces.

The reason for me is migration to a new server without complete access to the old one. :confused:


I’m not requesting to import Test Results, but Test Runs. Convenience is mainly the reason. We setup test runs for software updates and will create hundreds of test runs. Entering them in one by one is tedious because we always select “all test cases” from the Test Suite.


Okay, I would recommend looking into using the API for this in this case, specifically the add_run/plan methods:

It should be fairly easy to write a script that can add test runs via TestRail’s API (using the programming language of your choice). Please let us know in case you have any questions in case you want to pursue this. It is also possible to add custom methods to the API if you need some functionality that is not covered by the built-in methods (like, for example, looking up a milestone by its name).

Hada: For migrations, we highly recommend using an SQL-based approach, ie. moving the database from one server to another:

Would this be possible in your case?



OK great. The API will do the trick. thanks!


You are welcome, David! Please let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.