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2 sets of results when using test steps / results fields?


We need to setup the test steps method of testing for some of our products, but I noticed when logging results you can set it in two places.

  1. Globally for the entire test case
  2. For each individual test step

This doesn’t make sense to me. It seems like if all the tests pass, then the case should be given a global status of pass. If at least one step fails the test should be set to fail.

I can see an option for admins to over ride this, but it seems silly to set results in 2 places that can directly conflict?


Hello Tony,

we specifically allow testers to mark individual test steps as failed (or blocked) and mark the test itself as passed, and vice versa. There are situation where this can make sense and we wanted to provide testers with the option to decide whether they want to enter separate results for steps and tests. It might be a good idea to automatically switch the default test status to failed once a step is marked as failed and we will consider this for a future release.