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1 JIRA integration & 2 TestRail


we have two TestRails licenses in two separate servers and one JIRA license and facing an issue to view defects and References, because JIRA seems accept one add-on link with TestRail.

Is there any known workaround?

Hi Faisal,

Thanks for your post! It’s not currently possible to integrate 2 TestRail instances with a single Jira add-on. However, we already have this on our feature request list and we’re happy to review this for a future update to the TestRail for JIRA add-on, however we don’t have a timeframe/ETA we can provide for this yet. I’ve also added a vote to this feature request on your behalf as well.

The integration limitation would only prevent your Jira users from retrieving TestRail data from both TestRail instances at the same time.

You can still integrate each TestRail instance with Jira from the TestRail end and push new defects to Jira, look up linked Jira data, etc. while inside TestRail. You can also schedule and email TestRail reports to Jira users to provide the data which is not viewable inside Jira.

I hope this is helpful,

Dear Jon,

thanks for your reply.

i am looking forword to implementation on coming upgrades…

regarding pushing bugs you mentioned i have issue do you have an idea


HI Faisal,

The 401 error code is provided by your Jira server’s API and would indicate an issue with the credentials used for the integration.

For Jira Cloud, the integration settings stored inside TestRail should be your Jira email address and API token.

For Jira Server, the integration settings stored should be your Jira user name and Jira password. If your team uses external authentication for logging into Jira, you would need your actual Jira password and not your external auth password.

Hope this helps,

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