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TestRail Discussion

Change Report column width (1)
Redmine 3.4.3 integration (1)
Feature Request: Secondary Sort (6)
Annoyance in the JIRA integration dialog (4)
Feature Request: Print only current filter ( 2 3 ) (42)
Finding Modified Test Cases (3)
Find all test cases with no steps? (5)
Integrating TestRail with TFS - custom or official solution? (19)
Unable to (re)assign test runs to another user AFTER test run creation (12)
Edit results done by others (9)
[HttpException] Could not resolve host: <your-server> (1)
Feature request: Link Jira Issue to test plan or test run - and display aggregated test status in Jira Issue ( 2 3 4 ) (66)
Re-ordering Test Suites (8)
Push Sprint field to JIRA? (19)
Reporting including JIRA and Jenkins (1)
How to select custom fields when creating a new project? (5)
Several QA working with the same Test Plan (1)
Feature request: implement search function (to search within test steps descriptions/ expected results) (3)
How to do a Search and Replace on test case Titles (3)
Not seeing Import option (2)
Integrations By Project? (using both JIRA and TFS) (2)
Get_results_for_run API return status as null (1)
Increase file size for import of XML file (1)
Default template applying only to a specific project (13)
Feature request - restrict R/W of Custom fields based on the user’s Role (1)
[Test Runs] Drag and drop the order of test cases (7)
Feature request: provide option to copy testcase (5)
How to require capture of data for a particular Test Step (1)
Feature Request: Allow user ordering of tests in Test Run ( 2 3 ) (40)
Feature Request: Give Test Case History more of a diff-like appearance (8)